2015 Ford Focus ST — Exhilarating yet Humble

by: Ron Dhaliwal
With the wide variety of deluxe supercars available in the North American market today, it might seem that the Ford Focus ST may be a bit of a humble alternative for the adrenaline-chasing car aficionado. Surprisingly easy to get accustomed to, the Ford Focus ST has been on the market for the last three years, having recently undergone some design modifications, and maintained the top spot for one of the most-wanted hatchbacks in today’s competitive automotive market. After witnessing the popularity of this ‘humble hatchback’, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Thanks to Ford Canada and BHG Media Fleet’s local office, I booked a 2015 Focus ST. Could this little ST deliver the exhilarating fun-to-drive experience despite its relatively affordable price and reliable efficiency?
After just a few days on the test drive, I understood why this compact rocket is getting more and more popular on Greater Vancouver roads. And those I know who own one are beyond satisfied with its features, reliability, style, design, affordable price, and overall comfort level. When it comes to handling, I found the Focus ST to be quite the interesting/unique experience. The hatchback does encompass a torque steer, however, whilst driving it in a straight line, it didn’t seem to significantly pose as a strong issue to me. In my view, having a torque steer on a powerful front-wheel drive hatchback was just part of what made it what it a distinctive driving experience. The speed at which this hatchback can race around the streets cannot be underestimated by any means. After feeling the car out, it became obvious that an exhilarating experience is just what the car was designed for. That being said, it’s incredibly easy to break the rules with this car. Finally, as far as the overall look of the Ford Focus ST is concerned, the Tangerine Scream hue definitely is a showstopper and adds to its overall vibrant and glitzy appeal. The shocking yellow color has been imperative in the success of Ford Focus ST’s overall popularity and likeability, since it’s pretty rare to spot another automobile with the same unique hue.
Ford’s larger ST undergoes certain minor alterations this year. However, none of these alterations are major and the overall look and feel of the hatchback will remain relatively the same, if not better. The front aspect has undergone a few design alterations, along with LEDs installed in the headlamps and brand new wheels. There has been some minor tweaking of the gauge cluster, as well as a brand new flat-bottomed steering wheel that’s comparatively a way better alternative than the former four-spoke unit that existed beforehand. And finally, the most substantial change in the 2015 model are the new front springs, and improved shock absorber turning front and rear for more efficient and reliable handling. To be honest, not a lot of modifications were required in the first place as the 2012 model got pretty rave reviews to begin with.
Don’t let the affordable price fool you! The Ford Focus ST can be as exhilarating and adrenaline boosting as many of the deluxe supercars out there. Overpowered cars have their benefits and perks, which are clearly undisputable, but the accessible nature combined with the fun-to-drive factor of the Ford Focus ST is something that can’t be easily overlooked.



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