2019 Ford F-150 Platinum Diesel

Mention the word diesel in the world of pickup truck owners, and you instantly gain street cred.  The word oozes machismo, grit and testosterone.  Say the word to your fellow truck friends, and you will garner their jealousy.  This is why for the first time ever that Ford has offered the F-150 in a diesel variant is causing such a shakeup.

Ford’s new diesel was created in collaboration with Jaguar/Land Rover and has been used in variants of the Range Rover and Land Rover lineup making it to North America back in 2015.  Ford uses a 3.0L variant that is good for 250 bhp and 440 lb-ft of torque.  That’s good enough for 11,400 pounds of towing capacity and just over 2,000 pounds of payload.  Now, these numbers aren’t the highest in the F-150 lineup.  However, the diesel provides for the greatest fuel efficiency while performing these Atlas-like lifting feats.  Ford F-150 Diesel drivetrain is rounded out with its 10-speed automatic transmission.

Inside the Platinum Edition, offers a tough looking yet full pampered interior.  Comfortable seats up front and a center console that’s large enough to hold a laptop.  In crew-cab trim, the rear occupants have ample leg room and space for gear.  In addition to a host of safety features, the Platinum Edition offers Tow-Haul mode, Trailer Brake control and Pro Trailer Backup assist, (in layman terms it makes you look like the king of the fifth wheel backup).

The best and maybe worst part of the new diesel, depending on how you look at it, is that Ford has managed to keep the engine extremely quiet.  Only under hard driving conditions or with all radios and climate control features off, can you actually notice you are driving a diesel.  But, when you do hear it you feel like barking like Tim Allen and pounding your chest like King Kong.

The F-150 like most modern four-wheel-drive trucks, has features like hill descent control and an available low-range four-wheel drive. Wheel articulation is more than adequate as is the ground clearance for crawling over most logs.  Overhangs are short enough for some pretty substantial approach and departure angles.  The surround view camera system also lets you see rocks and other obstacles in tight spaces to minimize the chances of body damage.  Ford claims 9.3L per 100km and a range of nearly 1,500 km.  Real world numbers are however closer to 9.6L to 9.9L per 100km and 1,000 km range in the tester crew-cab Platinum.

As tested, the F-150 rolled in at just under $86,150.00 plus taxes.  However, the additional, nearly $5,000, premium for the diesel will make its self well worth it, if your chosen task is to haul goods and toys on a regular basis.  Not to mention that you can’t put a price on diesel bragging rights, long live Detroit diesel.



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