2019 Infiniti QX60 Review

By: Candy Chung
What defines luxury in the car industry?  Italian leather?  Expensive price tag?  Out-of-this-world technology?  Different luxury brands take different approaches to define luxury and in my humble opinion, Infiniti has taken a practical approach.  The 2019 Infiniti QX60 is a three-row SUV that is both luxury and practical.

Starting at $48,995 it’s actually not that expensive but once you add the optional packages, the price jumps up.  My tester is equipped with Essential Package ($5000), Proactive Package ($4800) and Sensory Package ($4200); the total price including freight and PDE comes to $65,490.
What do you get with all that money?  You get a lot.  You get a smooth and responsive 3.5L V6 engine that produces 295-hp and 270lb-ft of torque.  You get all-wheel drive, 5,000 lbs of towing capacity, plush leather seats, power-adjusted steering wheel, Bose audio, 20” alloy wheels, one moonroof in the front and another massive moonroof in the back.  That’s not it; you also get two 8” color monitors in the second row that come with 2 wireless headphones.

The V6 engine doesn’t seem all that powerful on paper but it’s surprisingly capable of moving this 4415 lbs vehicle.  Power delivery is always smooth and responsive; it doesn’t seem to struggle in any situations.  The car doesn’t feel sluggish at any point during my review and I’m very impressed with the barely noticeable body roll.  The suspension is comfortable and is able to absorb most of the imperfections on the road.  The road and tire noise are not an issue.

There is a ton of space.  The second row is spacious enough to fit 3 adults and the seats are so comfortable.  The third row is fairly easy to get to and is good for kids and smaller adults.  There are cup holders and even USB charge ports in the third row.  The color displays in the second row have good resolution and can handle a variety of inputs, such as USB, HDMI, DVD etc.  You can choose between the Bose cabin speakers or the wireless headphones that came with the package.  This is the best way to keep the kids in the back entertained during long journeys.
With three rows up, there is still quite a bit of trunk space.  With some tetris skills, I think one can fit a few suitcases and/or some duffle bags in there.  A thoughtful feature is the power-operated switch to bring the third row seats upright so you don’t have to bend and reach for them.

Interior quality is usually Infiniti’s strong points and the QX60 is no exception.  The interior is quite traditional and there is nothing gimmicky.  Clean, beautiful and high quality are the words I would use to describe.  The only complaint I have is the steering wheel.  For a $65k vehicle, I think the steering wheel shouldn’t be this plasticky.
Having just reviewed the Mazda CX-9, I can say that this Infiniti QX60 feels more luxurious, more plush and more spacious.  Of course, it’s also more expensive than the CX-9, too.  But I would argue it is money well spent if you are looking for a luxurious three-row SUV.  Comparing to Acura MDX, the QX60 still feels more luxurious and both are equally spacious.

Safety Features
If you’re looking to buy a three-row SUV, chances are you got more than a few very important people in your life.  To transport these important people, safety features are vital to choosing a family SUV.  My tester is equipped with a Proactive package that costs $4800 but it includes a whole suite of safety features, such as backup collision warning, front and back sonar sensors, lane departure warning and blind spot intervention system. Standard safety features that are offered across all trim levels are forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection and predictive forward collision warning.
With a starting price of $48,995, the 2019 Infiniti QX60 shows the perfect balance of practicality and luxury.  Even my tester, which is heavily optioned at $65,490 after freight and PDE, I still feel you’re getting a lot for your money.



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