2022 Ford F150 Tremor – The Most Ideal F150?

By: Jag Dhatt

Over the past decades, we’ve seen many a shift in the automotive industry. From muscle cars and sedans, we saw the push towards minivans and SUVs. And how can we forget the crossovers. And now, a push is towards electrification and the move towards using alternate fuel sources. However, all those things being said, there has been one constant and that has been the pickup truck. Let’s be honest here – the pickup truck has been a staple vehicle since its advent in 1925 with the, get this, the Ford Model T Runabout. After this, there was no looking back. Fast forward to today, and we had the chance to drive the Ford F150 Tremor. And for those looking for an F150 that does the best of both worlds, off and on-road, this might just be the ideal Ford truck to buy.

As the name Tremor implies, there is a heavier focus on off-road capability; while not as capable as the Ford Raptor, it shares a similar DNA.

As an F150, this truck comes very well loaded; well, our tester did. It had most of the options I would want in my F150, including a twin-panel moonroof, Bang & Olufsen sound system, leather seats, LED lights, box power supply and the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine. And this current generation F150 also has the Ford SYNC 4 system.

Upgrading to the Tremor will set you back an additional $16K, but trust me when I say this, it’s well well worth it. The upgrade adds big 33” General Grabber all-terrain tires mounted on matte-finish 18” wheels that offer added ground clearance and a 1” wider stance. There’s also Tremor specific monotube shocks at the front and twin-tube shocks at the rear. This setup allows for a softer ride at lower speeds and additional damping and control for more severe off-road driving. And there’s more you’d expect, like the tow hooks, underbody skid plates, fixed side steps and a sporty, yet tamed, dual exhaust.

Driving the F150 Tremor on normal streets and highways was surprisingly quiet and calm. I was expecting more road noise because of the bigger, fatter tires, which only became slightly apparent at speeds higher than 120 km/h. I kept the moonroof cover open most of the time to allow more light to come through and show the spacious interior of the truck.

One point to note is that there is a noticeable amount of body roll when driving on winding roads; with the setup of this truck, it’s to be expected. Does it take away from the joy of driving the Tremor? Absolutely not. Overall, the drive of this truck is more than enjoyable for any daily drive.

The seats, both front and back, are big and comfortable, lounger-like almost. What I would like to see is some recline in the rear seats (as in the RAM), because on longer drives, a slight recline would really help.

And for a big truck fitted with big tires, the Tremor was quite nimble around the block and when parking. With the 360-camera, parking lines and an all-around view is nice to have. The turning radius for the Tremor is very good, and you’ll find turning much easier than say the Toyota Tundra. Blind spots are what you’d expect in a big truck, but if you have your side mirrors set properly and pay attention to the safety systems, you should have no problem maneuvering the truck in almost any situation.

Under the hood of the Tremor is Ford’s 3.5L EcoBoost V6 twin-turbo engine that’s good for 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. While not up to par with the Raptor, it comes pretty darn close. Mated with Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission, the truck moves ever so smoothly through the gears. It almost always finds the perfect gear whether driving your daily route or punching it off the line. And when you do punch it, you hear a tamed growl from the exhaust. I do wish it was just a bit louder as then the exhaust would match nicely with the brash appearance of the truck.

The one area where the Tremor does feel rough is driving on dirt or broken roads. I drove the Tremor on some gravel roads that had potholes and it wasn’t as smooth as I’d like. I bounced around a tad, and I could feel the truck shaking when it hit uneven surfaces. However, that being said, the steering is spot-on and instills confidence in even the novice off-roader. And as mentioned earlier, the transmission and engine work so effortlessly together to get Tremor through most off-road trails.

Ford claims a combined fuel economy of 13.2 L/100 km, which is quite impressive if you can get it. I, for one, did not hit that mark. My average for the week was 14.9 L/100 km, which isn’t too bad considering I was “testing” the aggressiveness of the truck more often than not.

The 2022 Ford F150 Tremor is definitely noticeable on the road thanks to the orange colour accents and badging around the truck. It has a lot to offer for anyone thinking of getting into an F150 because it might just be the ideal setup. You’ve got all the luxury and amenities, yet it’s factory set for tackling most off-road drives. Take this one for a drive. You will be surprised.



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