2022 Mazda MX-30 Review

MX-30 is Mazda’s first ever full electric offering.  When talking about EVs, the first thing that people want to know is the electric range.  MX-30 offers a maximum of 170km range which is most likely sufficient for urban daily commute.  The battery size is 35.5kWh that powers the front wheels, producing 143hp and 200lb-ft of torque.  It takes roughly 13 hours on Level 1 (regular home plug) to charge from 20% to 80% and it takes less than 3 hours on Level 2.
My tester is in soul red crystal metallic which looks amazing.  The MX-30 has a unique appearance thanks to the ‘freestyle’ doors.  There is no B pillar so it’s actually very easy to access the back seats.  The sloping roof provides a sporty look as well.
The interior of MX-30 is again, unique.  You’ll find different materials used in the interior, such as cork.  I especially like the vegan leather seats; they’re comfortable and look great.  The interior gives an upscale feel and the interior space is adequate for 4 adults.  I was able to fit a forward-facing child seat with ease, thanks to the freestyle doors.  However, the freestyle doors open and close in a way that the people in the back can’t access the cabin without using the front doors.  It became a hassle when I took  my family out for the weekend and I had to open the driver’s door in order to let my husband get in the back.  My child didn’t complain as he had plenty of leg room in the back.  The trunk is decent in size.  MX-30 is equipped with wired Apple Carplay and Android Auto.  The 7” touchscreen for the climate control looks very modern but I did have to turn the brightness to the max in order to see the screen on sunny days.
The MX-30 offers a fun and engaging ride. It drives well and the suspension absorbs the bumps fairly well.  It is still slightly more stiff than premium offerings but the body roll is kept to a minimum.  Cornering is excellent, thanks to the low center of gravity which provides great stability.  Mazda also offers G-Vectoring Control Plus which is designed to achieve excellent stability.
As a car reviewer, I appreciate Mazda having the courage to offer something as unique as the MX-30.  As a consumer, it is hard to spend $50k on an EV that offers only 170km range.  I know most people don’t drive that much on a daily basis but in general we love heading out on the weekends, going on daytrips to beautiful parks and maybe even cross the border and have fun in the States.  The MX-30 just doesn’t offer enough range and there is no way around it.  I wish Mazda would offer a plug-in hybrid and/or bigger batteries down the road.



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