2022 Mercedes GLE 450 Coupe 4Matic

“Love it or Hate it”

he push to create coupe versions of a model is all the fad nowadays.  Mercedes has taken this design trend to the next level.  You can essentially buy a coupe version of all of their SUV models except the GLS, G-Wagon and technically the GLA (although, the GLA is very closely connected to the A-Class hatchback – so it already makes up the coupe version). The GLE Coupe is the largest of these variants.  Now my biggest qualm with coupe versions is that from a car enthusiast perspective you either love them or hate them.  There is very little middle ground.  The conversion to a coupe either works or it doesn’t.  Now take the GLE, in its standard variation, it is a very attractive SUV.  It has great proportions, a masculine stance and broad shoulders and hips.  Turn it into the coupe and something just seems off.  The proportions aren’t right.  Take the rear end for instance, the bumper and lift gate fuse into one object, taking up 80% of the rear, if not more, leaving no rear that looks like it nearly lies flat.  The same goes for the side of the GLE Coupe.

Now that I have aired my grievances, I can get on with the task of what make the GLE 450 Coupe such a nice vehicle.  Under the creased hood lays a 3.0L inline-6 cylinder engine with 362 bhp and 369 lb-ft of torque.  The system is aided by a 48-volt mild-hybrid system coined EQ-Boost.  It adds an additional 21 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque to the equation giving access to full torque from as low as 1,700 rpm.  Mercedes 9-Speed automatic routes powers to the 4-Matic system.  Mercedes 9-Speed transmission has to be one of best in the industry, only rivaled by BMW ZF system.  It is butter smooth in shifts that are imperceptible and appears to magically know what the right foot is doing or planning on doing.  The driving dynamics are Mercedes typical.  The GLE 450 soaks up the road way with ease and poise.   The as tested model here comes with air suspension and E-Active body control systems that analyze the road surface and prepares the vehicle for potholes and preloads dampers for corners and turns, combined with actively changing the body lean and roll in corners.

Stepping inside the GLE 450 Coupe is a fantastic experience.  If anyone can do interiors, it’s Mercedes.  To start off, it offers the best ambient lighting the market has to offer; a nearly infinite choice of colour options that light nearly every interior component of the GLE Coupe; the front seats are supportive and super adjustable and come with optional massage and a system that strategically moves the seat small amounts in various aspects to decrease fatigue over longer drives.  Rear seats are contoured in a comfortable angle, but lack the headroom of its brother, the standard GLE due to the sloping rear roof line.  The 2022 GLE 450 Coupe comes with previous generation of MBUX and a Burmester designed sound system (that’s offered in 13 or 23) speakers.

Now if the looks are your vibe, you are going to ask what will all this cost me?  The GLE Coupe starts at $86,600 CAD before you add any options to it. The tester although not fully loaded runs in at $96,700 CAD.  What you need to understand is the GLE 450 Coupe is a 2022 Canada only option.  Otherwise, you have to increase the budget in to the AMG versions.  This is where the Coupe is going to grab some of GLE’s buyers.  You get a better price point and capture the sporty design cues of the Coupe.   The reality for me is that in Full AMG trim, the Coupe actually looks really good; I think it’s the larger wheels that fill in the side profile better, and not to mention that heart pumping turbo V8; but love it or hate it, the GLE Coupe is a head turner.



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