The 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Is Something Different

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Preferred Ultimate AWD

Price: $63,999 CAD

Colour: Serenity White

Differentiating oneself in the current car market can be a tough thing to pull off. It also requires bold decisions and risk-taking – neither of which auto manufacturers are keen to engage in given how much it costs to design and produce a new car. Hyundai is an outlier in this regard as they seem to be specializing in bold, risky decisions. With the launch of the Ioniq 5 Hyundai told the world they weren’t afraid. Given the largely positive response to that car it seems Hyundai got it right. The follow up, the Ioniq 6 is no less daring and no less a winner.

When my 14-year-old son first got a look at the Ioniq 6 he was smitten. He seemed to think it borrow design elements from Porsche. I snickered when he said that as I didn’t see it. Imagine my surprise when multiple other people I encountered throughout the week said the exact same thing. I’ll be honest and say I still don’t see the resemblance but the response from others speaks to the impact this car makes. The subtle double spoiler, the shape that looks like an upturned leaf spring ready to explode, funky rims and many other design elements tickle ones fascination. I really like the way this car engages from the moment you see it. That’s no easy feat.

One of the common criticisms of Tesla’s cars is their bland designs. They are somewhat plain on the outside and equally so inside. I agree with this assessment as, while I admire their technology, Tesla’s designs have always left me a little cold. I think Hyundai took note of this when they made the decision to ramp up BEV production. They have the tech that competes with Tesla but have always put it into well thought out cars. Add to this the bold choices of the Ioniq 6 and you get a real-world Tesla fighter.

Packaging is a term you’ll hear often in discussions of cars. As far as I can determine its how equipment is installed in a vehicle and how that impacts its appearance, interior space and many other things. EV’s have changed the game when it comes to packaging. The F-150 Lightning is an incredible example of how a vehicle can change when you don’t have to make space for that huge engine, transmission and other drivetrain components. The Hyundai Ioniq 6 is another example of the benefits of EV propulsion. It has so much interior space. My kids felt like they were being chauffeured around like Arab princes while we were traveling.

I mentioned earlier my belief that Tesla interiors have a long way to come. The Ioniq 6 has a lovely interior build. The materials are high quality, the color choices subtle and classy and it’s just so much like every other car we drive everyday. There are loads of little touches that tell you this is a ground-breaking bit of vehicular engineering but none of it is off-putting. The pixels that have come to be the signature of the Ioniq line of vehicles are everywhere on the 6. They’re used well in the car and pop up in all sorts of places you might not expect. You’re never far from a reminder that you’re in an Ioniq.

The 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 starts at $55,000 CAD. This top shelf “Ultimate” trim is right around $64,000. While that’s a lot of money to spend on any car, it represents good value in the EV space. In this spec you get nearly 600kms of range. This is of course based on consumption of the entire battery so real-world you’re looking at around 420kms per charge assuming you charge up to 80% and recharge around 10%. You also have around 320 hp being pushed through all four wheels. This combination makes this an incredibly effective and useable vehicle all year. Hyundai includes a heat pump and battery conditioner in the lineup to help mitigate the effects of cold weather on the battery and its performance. The Ioniq can also take up to 800kw/h if you can find a charger that can provide that much juice (which I can’t). This means as charging capacity and rates increase, this car is future-proofed to be able to utilize those upgrades when they arrive.

I fall in love with many cars. It’s an occupational hazard as an auto journalist. Few of these infatuations last however as I’m always onto the next one in short order. The Ioniq 6 is different. It’s been six weeks since I drove the car and I can’t get it out of my head. This is dangerous and I don’t like falling victim to a bewitching intoxication like the one being foisted upon me by Hyundai. For an experiment in computer, electrical and nostalgic engineering this car is incredible. There are so few shortfalls in its design and implementation and it’s a truly vexing machine. Keep the pixels coming Hyundai.



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