Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport AWD

“A Sports Sedan with Italian Flare”

The luxury sports sedan market is cut throat.  It’s a segment that has long been dominated by the German trio (BMW, Mercedes and Audi).  All new comers have had to test their metal against these benchmarks most of all the venerable BMW 3 series (long regarded as the mark of excellence – mostly).  Japanese manufactures like Lexus have attempted to enter this exclusive club with the likes of the IS and recently Genesis with the G70.  The later really shook up the industry.  The primary reason was top tier fit and finish and impeccable driving dynamics combined with solid reliability.

When the Giulia first debuted, the automotive industry was equally broadsided by a vehicle that was achingly pretty and made drivers feel alive behind the wheel.  The Giulia embodied everything Alfa Romeo stood for – Italian design and flare, racing heritage and performance.  Then came ramblings of reliability issues and the signs of chinks in the armour began to show.  For 2021 Alfa has addressed those concerns.  The Giulia Ti Sport lacks the rip snorting twin turbo V6 of the Quadrifoglio but is equally as appealing in its own way.  Sporting a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder that produces 280 hp and 306 lb-ft of torque, compared to it bigger brother its no slouch and can push the 3,600 lbs Giulia to 100km in 5.3 seconds.  Behind the wheel the Ti feels taught and ready to react.  Steering sharp and responsive but a little light.  Pedal feel from the big yellow Brembo brakes is instantaneous.  Handling is properly balanced for sports sedan.  With a nearly 50/50 weight distribution, the Giulia soaks up most road imperfections, but rewards the driver when pushed to the limit with proper road feel and feedback coming through the wheel.

Opening the door to the Giulia rewards you with an ample leather interior.  Bolstered seats hug you while driving in a driver orientated cockpit.  2021 brings an upgraded 8.8” infotainment screen which although not the most sophisticated in the industry does its designated duty.  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both available but the interface lacks.  The cabin feels deceptively airy thanks to dual sunroofs.  Front seating room accommodates 6 foot plus figures with ease however, the rear seating leaves anyone over 6 feet with much to desire, its cramped to say the least.

What does all this glory cost you, the 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia has a slightly higher starting price than a most of its competitors. Starting at $53,090 CAD for the base Sprint trim and $59,990 CAD for the as tested Ti Sport trim. Add all the Ti Sport bells and whistles raises the price to $68,190 CAD.  However, this price point gives entry into a design ethos unlike any other manufacturer.  The Giulia is unlike any of its competitors it stands out and calls for attention where it goes (like only an Italian car can).  Reliability history aside, the Giulia offers its buyers something unique.  You are backed by a 4 year, 80K bumper to bumper warranty.  Despite early issues the Alfa Romeo Giulia achieves a 4.7 out of 5 star Overall Consumer Rating from J.D. Power and Associates.  Besides owning all that pretty glory has to come with certain quirks and for me that’s worth it. 



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