Elevate Vancouver Auto Show

The Vancouver International Auto Show returned to Vancouver after a four year hiatus due to the pandemic. It was a difficult time for the auto industry and as a result manufacturers had a slow return to full participation in auto shows.  

This year’s event was re-branded and named Elevate Vancouver Auto Show. The focus was to create a better consumer experience for attendees. The new logo has the letters VA in a different color scheme to illustrate the former name as the Vancouver Auto Show.

The auto show took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from March 20th to 24th. This show was intended for auto enthusiasts to indulge in a showcase of luxury supercars, exotics, high-powered classics and over-landers.

I was captivated by the ultimate supercars and exotic vehicles that were on display. The manufactures of these high end vehicles included, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Aston Martin, Bentley and Porsche.  

One main focus of this year’s Auto Show was to include consumers to see, test drive, and learn about electric and hybrid technologies from major automotive manufactures and local dealerships. The test drive station proved beneficial for consumers interested in purchasing a new EV/PHEV vehicle. There were over 40 cars featured for the test drive experience. This experience was a critical platform for manufactures to engage with consumers, gather feedback on their vehicles, and foster a deeper understanding of EV/PHEV capabilities and benefits. The manufactures providing test drives included but are not limited to, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, EV Hummer, Cadillac, Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Vinfast, Polestar, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Genesis, and Rivian. The test drive experience was booked for 20 minute time slots. The manufacturers and dealers had pre-planned routes based on a 10 minute drive through downtown Vancouver with a ride-along ambassador to help navigate.

Another attraction at the Auto Show included four different manufacturers showcasing their vehicles. Maserati’s Barbie Grecale made its debut in a striking pink hue. A fusion from the Barbie movie along with Maserati’s luxury, made this vehicle standout. It is derived from the Grecale Trofeo model, which features a breathtaking 523 horsepower and Nettuno V6 engine. Also this is shared with the MC20 supercar and the latest GranTurismo.

Moreover, Weissach INEOS Grenadier is Western Canada’s only INEOS Grenadier dealer partner. They introduced their vehicle at the Auto Show. I found this 4×4 unique as it is configurable to suit one’s lifestyle. It is built with a full box-sectioned ladder frame chassis and engineered with a dual heavy duty solid beam axles. The Grenadier has a towing capacity of 7,716 lbs and 71 cubic feet of load space, while being powered by the award winning 3L straight six BMW petrol engine.

Furthermore, Tesla’s Cybertruck made its first appearance at the auto show. There was a long lineup of attendees waiting to get a glimpse and a seat inside this new vehicle. Up close this vehicle is unique and polarizing. It provides 547 kilometers on a full charge and 11,000 lbs of towing power. It can go from a speed of 0 to 100 km/hr in a remarkable 2.7 seconds. Other neat features include, shatter resistant windows and paint-free stainless steel ecoskeleton. The Cybertruck is available for purchase in Canada at a starting pricing of $108,500.

Another intriguing attraction at the Auto Show was Project Velocity, introducing their Axon Racing Simulator. The Axon’s ground breaking driving simulator was on display and available for attendees to take part in. Attendees were able to get behind the wheel of their own SIM and put their best shot forward on the SIM Track. The eight-unit Axon Simulator takes the driving experience to unprecedented heights, offering a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled realism. It replicates the sensation of being in the driver’s seat of the most coveted vehicles. The Axon simulator provides precision-engineered motion technology and lifelike graphics. Also, it provides the participant with an immersive encounter which is different than conventional driving simulators.

All in all, the Vancouver International Auto Show was a great success. It set a new attendance record of 129,034 over the five day event. Moreover, a single day record was set for March 23rd with 39,823 guests attending. For those who missed this year’s auto show, I highly recommend attending next year. It is set to be one of the most anticipated automotive events for 2025.



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