2019 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport Test Drive

By: Candy Chung
Infiniti Q60 I-Line Red Sport AWD is a gorgeous-looking coupe.  With a price tag of $65k, is it worth the money?  I had the opportunity to test drive this vehicle, so keep reading to find out!

There is simply one word to describe the Infiniti Q60 coupe – gorgeous.  My tester came in a really eye-catching red paint color and I received compliments from people I know as well as strangers.  They praise the good looks of this coupe.  The front looks sharp and quite aggressive but I think what makes the Q60 stand out is the side profile.  The sloping roofline emphasizes the sportiness of this vehicle and creates a really nice side profile.
My tester had white leather interior and it was lovely.  Materials used in the interior and especially where one would touch are of premium quality.  I wasn’t too big of a fan of the silver/plastic trims around the dash and center armrest.  The dual infotainment screens work fine but I know some reviewers think having two screens is redundant.  I do like the fact that I can always have the map up on the top screen while fiddling with the climate or audio settings in the lower screen.

Yeah, this is a coupe so space is not its forte.  The two seats in the back are suitable for pets; I’m not sure if I would put small kids in the back as the space is tight.  The trunk is okay for a coupe but you wouldn’t expect to haul too much stuff in the trunk.  While the trunk and back seats are not its strengths, the space in the front is generous.  Leg room and shoulder room are both adequate.

The I-Line Red Sport has 400hp and 350lb-ft of torque.  The numbers are massive, on paper.  While the Q60 is quick off the line with plenty of horsepower to accelerate, I didn’t feel the performance quite matched the numbers.  It drives more like a weighted and luxurious coupe than a brutally fast sports car.  It makes sense though as it’s not competing against the likes of Subaru STI or VW Golf R.  It’s aiming to compete against Lexus RC350 and if I remind you again the price tag of this Q60 I-Line Red Sport is 65k, you would understand its position in the market.

Should you buy the Q60 I-Line Red Sport?  I would say if you’re already looking for a premium sports coupe and weigh looks and comfort level more than the driving performance, then go for it.  You’ll get compliments for its gorgeous looks while keeping your back perfectly fine as the suspension and chassis are tuned for a luxurious ride.



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