2019 Jaguar I-Pace P400 First Edition

World Car of the Year
World Car Design of the Year
World Green Car
Motor Trend Car
European Car of the Year
AJAC Utility Vehicle of the Year
AJAC Green Utility Vehicle of the Year
AJAC Best Premium EV

All in all, it has won over 68 international awards, and many a first for the Jaguar Brand.  I resume truly to be envious of.  Combine this with exhilarating driving dynamics, incredible acceleration, a sublime interior and zero emissions to boot; and you are likely walking out the door to your nearest Jaguar dealer to place an order.

Now, have you ever had that feeling when your gas is running low, it’s floating around the empty needle, maybe even past, the onboard computers are telling you that you have no more kilometres until empty.  Your running on fumes and you are thinking to yourself will you make it to the gas station.  We call this feeling “Range Anxiety”.  The flip side of this coin is the utter feeling of reassurance we get when you turn your car on and the tank reads full.

Driving an electric vehicle brings new meaning to Range Anxiety.  You never quite get that feeling of having a full tank, even when the battery is full in an electric and the levels of range appear high, you always have this niggling in the seat of your pants.  You pull out your phone and start asking Google maps to assess your mileage needs, just so you have some comfort that you can enter the highway abyss and return in one piece, and don’t get me started if we throw the traffic jam into the mix.

Now let me return to the prize-winning I-Pace.  It is arguably one of the fastest Electric SUV’s currently on the market.  Only the Tesla P100D edges the I-Pace out in performance. However, the I-Pace comes in at a fraction of the cost.  This performance though, comes at a cost.  The I-Pace is rated at 377km on a full charge.  The comparable Tesla 100D has a range of 475km.  The problem is that the numbers are not the issue.  The problem instead is that squeezing out an actual 377km out of the I-Pace is next to impossible.  Real-world numbers place the I-pace closer to 338km if not just under.  The I-Pace has a propensity to drastically drop range once you begin your journey, especially if you tend to be heavier with your right foot.  Further compounding the range conundrum are factors such as ambient temperature and HVAC operations. Altering driving modes tends to elicit little change in range or driving dynamics.  The I-Pace responds just as aggressively in normal to eco modes as compared to the dynamic mode.  I guess this is the price you pay for a vehicle that is different to your doctor’s Tesla and definitely looks hotter.

The I-Pace is arguably one of the best looking EV’s on the market today and ushers a degree of luxury to the EV market that has not been seen.  However, with an as-tested price north of $100,000.00, and a Jaguar nameplate to uphold, the range anxiety levels in the I-Pace should be more manageable and predictable.  Luckily, being the first generation of its kind, I am sure we will only see improvements. Combine this with battery design improvements and increased charging station infrastructure, I know range anxiety will be a thing of the past.
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