Orbitkey Organiser

by: J. Dhatt
Are you fed up with having to turn your car off to run back into the house for something you’ve forgotten? Or sometimes don’t want all the bulk of having to carry your house and car keys together. Well that’s the frustration I was feeling when I thought there had to be something more practical out there on the market.
Life with three little girls can be extremely hectic at times. Needing to run back in the house to grab forgotten lunches, rain jackets, or backpacks can start to become quite frustrating, especially when it starts to become a reoccurring trend.
I began scouring the web looking for detachable key rings and everything I seemed to find showcased durability and functionality but lacked an elegant design. That was until I stumbled upon the Orbitkey Key Organiser and ring which claimed to integrate all three elements seamlessly. From what I saw on the website, I knew I just had to try it.

Other key organizers

The price of the Orbitkey Key Organiser is not cheap. The leather version is $43.50 USD but you can get a more affordable version of it in nylon for $34.90 USD or active for $24.90 USD. It comes in an array of colours from stone, mint, tan, cognac and navy just to name a few. The thing that makes the key organiser really stand out is they accent their leather pieces with a different colour stitching to give it a chic sophisticated appearance. You also have the option of monogramming your key ring for an extra $11.90 USD or purchasing a variety of attachments like a USB stick, bottle opener, multi-tool or nail file to make the organiser more multi functional.
I decided to try the leather version and as much as I would love the idea of monogramming my key organiser, it’s hard to justify spending another $11.90 USD to the already pricy key organiser. I also tried the Orbitkey ring in Black to attach onto the D-ring of the organiser to give it the detachable key ring feature that I needed for my hectic days. The Orbitkey ring is priced at $14.90 USD and comes in rose gold, charcoal, Navy and black. The company is based out of Australia but shipping was surprisingly quick. It took about 10 days to arrive at my house in Canada.
Orbitkey put just as much thought into their packaging as they did into their product. The box was made out of a sturdy cardboard and the packaging took on a sleek minimalistic design that was easy to open and get to the key organiser. There were no ties or rubber bands to cut to get to the organiser. It was held in by two simple folds in the cardboard. The leather was high quality and the amount of thought and craftsmanship that went into this product was evident. The key organiser did not come with much instruction but after watching their informative video on their website, it was pretty easy for me to transfer my keys into the leather key organiser and be on my way.
Some nice packaging

Orbitkey advertises the product to fit 2-7 rings. I fit all 6 of my office keys into the organiser with plenty of room for a couple more. I purchased the Orbitkey ring to attach my car fob onto the D-ring of the organiser so that I could easily detach my car key from my house keys when needed. Unfortunately, the Orbitkey ring was too thick to thread through my car key so I had to find another ring to first attach my car key to and then put that ring onto the Orbitkey ring.
My keys were attached and ready to go! Now to see if the Orbitkey organiser and ring deliver in terms of durability, functionality and style.
First of all functionality. My keys were organized into a nice slim stack in between the leather wrap. It was easy to access each key from inside the leather and then tuck them neatly back inside the organiser.  There was no more jingling of my keys in my purse and the annoying sound of them banging against each other when I’m holding them or driving. My keys were compact and fit into my jeans pocket easily without much bulk. I was, however, disappointed that the key ring didn’t fit my car key fob and in terms of detachability it wasn’t as easy to detach as other key rings that I’ve seen on the market.
My keys in the Orbitkey Organiser

The Orbitkey organiser is a game changer in terms of style. The handcrafted leather with the different tone in stitching gives the key organiser a modern and tasteful look. The stainless steel Rose Gold hardware raised the key organisers’ beauty to the next level and it can be paired with a Rose Gold iPhone for you Apple people. The key organiser is minimalistic, elegant and in my opinion, one of the prettiest key organisers on the market.
In terms of durability, so far, the organiser has held up great. There are some scratches on the leather where the D-ring hangs off of it but the stainless steel hardware has been scratch resistant and the coating is still in tact. I’m curious to see if the leather really does as the company says, “mature with beauty over time’. I will do another update in a couple months.
Disclaimer: The Orbitkey Organiser was sent to us by Orbitkey to test and review. 



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