Bosch & Mojio team up to connect vehicles wirelessly

The German auto supplier Robert Bosch is teaming with Canadian start-up Mojio in an effort to get more vehicles connected wirelessly to a wide range of digital services. Some examples of these digital services, would be insurance companies to emergency responders.
Bosch advised it was investing in the Vancouver based Mojio as a start-up’s Series B funding round. However, the amount of the investment was not provided.
Mojio, was founded in 2012 and has raised more than $40 million US. The company has already secured investments from Amazon and Deutsche Telekom, as well as from AOL found Steve Case.
The ultimate goal behind Bosch and Mojio teaming up would be to connect a lot more vehicles to the internet and gather data to support services for consumers and vehicle manufactures. This would be part of Bosch’s Connected Mobility Solutions group.
The primary focus of this initiative is on vehicle communication, diagnostics and crash detection and notification. By having access to a vast amount of vehicle data, which includes very accurate crash detection with Bosch the companies should be able to save lives and make the process of insurance claims more effective.
A very interesting part of the crash detection aspect would be how insurance companies will be able to assess the severity of the crash from the data provided by the vehicle. As a result, some claims could be handled remotely and an adjuster would not be needed to go analyze the scene or the vehicle.
Both partners are aiming to connect consumers with Bosch call centers as well emergency responders in the event of a crash.
In another aspect of collaborating for business in the future both companies are looking at one other idea. This idea would include the ability to open doors and trunks for package delivery.
Mojio is a developer of mobile apps for consumers and provides data analytics to corporate clients. The company has gathered real world data from more than 7 billion miles of driving. The subscribers are on network services from Deutsche Telekom in Europe and T-Mobile in North America.



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