You Deserve It

by: Gurpreet Seehra
Seat belts and a multi-disc CD changer were special features in their time. Fortunately for everyone, times have changed. Here are the top five things to look for in your brand new car in 2018.
1) A Collision Avoidance System and Automated Braking
Every once in a while, some thought hits you that takes your mind away from the road ahead for a split second. That split second can mean a lot if you don’t see the eight cars stopped in front of you. That’s why you want a collision avoidance system along with automated braking. The former warns you of an impending frontal collision while the latter brakes for you and even brings your vehicle to a complete stop to avoid an accident. Safety first!

2) A Backup Camera and Rear Cross Traffic Alert
If you’re not one of those people that enjoys backing your car in all the time (like yours truly) you need to make sure that you can reverse out of your driveway or a parking stall safely. With a screen showing you what’s going on directly behind you, audible and visual cues to alert you to potential dangers, and the ability to stop the car if needed, the combination of a good backup camera and rear cross traffic alert is a must-have. Your car (and everyone behind it) will thank you!

3) Adaptive Cruise Control
Rush hour traffic. Though the sight of that line of cars can give you a case of the blues, it doesn’t have to. With adaptive cruise control, such as Mercedes-Benz’s Distronic Plus system, rush hour is just more time to listen to your favourite music. It can slow your car down, speed it up, and even bring it to a complete stop based on what the traffic in front of you is doing. “Rush hour blues? Never heard of them.”

4) Navigation (with Voice Control)
Having a good navigation system with effective voice control technology can be the difference between a relaxing cruise or a stressful sprint. For longer trips, you can even get systems like Toyota’s new Destination Assistant Connect. With the help of a live agent, Toyota finds points of interest for you so that you can keep your eyes on the road and focus on the destination.

5) Sport Mode
There’s something about waking up your car’s inner animal that’s almost spiritual. You flip the switch and the unthinkable happens: your reasonable, fuel-efficient car becomes a gas-sucking, asphalt-eating monster. The engine and exhaust growl like Siberian tigers, the suspension stiffens, and every corner becomes a thrill-ride. Do yourself a favour, make sure you have a sport mode.



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