Winnergear Fully Reversible MicFlib Cable

by: Jag Dhatt
If you’re like me, you’ve been frustrated a few times when trying to plug a micro-USB cable into either your phone or other portable device. Which side is correct? Am I going to destroy the plug on my new phone if the cable is inserted incorrectly? And what usually frustrated me even more was why was this design so poor for such an important part of everyday life?
Last year, Winnergear unveiled their MicFlip and this was supposed to be game changer – but alas, all was not good. Initially, the Winnergear MicFlip only had one reversible side. After many customer complaints, they came up with a winner – the Fully Reversible MicFlip cable.
A few weeks ago, Winnergear sent me a sample Fully Reversible MicFlip cable and in all honesty, it’s one of those things that I was looking forward to. Here’s the truth – when my wife or kids plug in our phones to charge, many times, they insert the cable wrong and…well, I don’t have to tell you that it doesn’t do wonders to the phone.
Packaging is simple with the cable held to the wrapping with two twist ties. What’s really nice, for me anyways, is that the MicFlip is 3 feet long! I’d rather have a longer cable than one that comes up short. The nylon braided, red cable is great looking and isn’t boring like most of the white or beige ones. The MicFlip also has gold coated ends to avoid corrosion.
So, does it work?
Actually, and to my family’s delight, the cable is hit! Even my 7-year old could now plug the MicFLip cable into any phone without us having to worry about potential damage. The best part is that we no longer have to squint to find the correct side, whether plugging the cable into a charger or device. What’s more, the cable feels solid and I think it will last us a while. And when traveling, the 3-foot length comes in handy when my kids, sitting in the back seat, need to charge a device.
Another concern I had of the MicFlip cable was whether it would give the same transfer and charging speeds as original OEM cables. Many a times, I’ve bought extra cables and found them to be substandard. I use a Samsung Note 5 and my wife has the S6. When using the MicFlip cable, fast charging still worked like a charm and I found data transfer speeds to be on par with OEM cables. So yes, it all works.
Now the question – should you buy one? Granted that within a few years, USB Type-C ports will become the norm, the MicFlip is still a great investment. With five people at my house using cables, OEM cables tend to not last long; plus, there’s been a couple of times when we’ve destroyed the connectors on our devices. Once you begin to use the Fully Reversible MicFlip, you’ll wonder how you lasted without one. The price is a little high at $19.90USD, but Winnergear provides free word wide shipping.
Note: This sample reversible MicFlip cable was provided by Winnergear. Please visit their website for more information at



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